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Ferrari 308 GTB, Gr4 Rally Michelotto build (finished 2020)

1981 Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 Rally conversion Finally after 4 years of building we have our fantastic 308 ready! Also we received the HTP pas with the car. Reconstruction and complete Rebuild of a super light weight ¬†fiberglass Ferrari 308 GTB Gr4 Michelotto rally car.The 308 is made according to the specifications of FIA… Read More

BMW 1M RALLYCAR Projects (finished 2012 and 2014)

The First ever build 1M rallycar in Europe done by Team Reconsales Autosport. Special BMW 1M project done commissioned by Customer in 2012. 400 HP Engine and with Sequential 6 speed gearbox. 355 Brake discs and topspeed 190KM hour. 2 Years later the team from Reconsales build a second 1M. Both cars are now running in… Read More