Ferrari 308 GTB, Gr4 Rally Michelotto build (finished 2020)

1981 Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4 Rally conversion

Finally after 4 years of building we have our fantastic 308 ready!

Also we received the HTP pas with the car.

Reconstruction and complete Rebuild of a super light weight  fiberglass Ferrari 308 GTB Gr4 Michelotto rally car.
The 308 is made according to the specifications of FIA regulations for historic rallying. (HTP)

The Ferrari can/will be used in Historic Fia Rally’s all over Europe.

The 308 is for sale now.

If you are interested in this Ferrari, send us mail.


3 thoughts on “Ferrari 308 GTB, Gr4 Rally Michelotto build (finished 2020)”

  1. Dear Olivier,
    Sorry for our late respond.
    We are still building on the 308 at the moment. And can say that
    the car is for 70% ready.

    About our calculation we would be around 225.000,- ex vat
    If you need more details or pictures let us know.

    Jan Nijhof
    Reconsales Autosport

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