Clutches, pressure plates and flywheels

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Several clutches, pressure plates and flywheels.

1 and 2: BMW E46 M3 flywheel.
3: BMW E30 M3 flywheel with Tilton clutch, pressure plate and release bearing.
4: Tilton pressure plate (same as number 3).
5,6 and 7: Sachs GMF200X pressure plates (where used on a toyota).
8: Sachs RCS200MH pressure plate (barely used).
9: BMW E30 M3 original flywheel, clutch and pressure plate.
10: BMW E30 M3 original pressure plate (same as number 9).
11 and 12: BMW E30 M3 flywheels.
13: Ford Sierra Cosworth flywheel and pressure plate with Helix clutch.

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